My life as an artist started with a child’s desire to reproduce on paper exactly what I saw before me: the frame of my family’s home in the English hillside, my mother’s quilting, the shadow cast by an old church building.  Then I grew up. And love, travel and learning implored me to not just reproduce life, but to translate it into my own language.  I hope people hear strains of French whimsy and Victorian charm in my art. I hope they catch a glimpse of God’s creation and love as it speaks to me. And most importantly, I hope this language speaks to them too.

I studied drawing and pottery at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and received my BFA degree there in 2002.  Artistry is really who I am and over the past years I have applied my passions and creativity wherever possible.

I am one who loves working with various mediums and I am excited not only about the idea process but carrying the idea to completion.  Because of my love for change, I am always looking for different ways to use traditional mediums in non traditional ways.  My art is always evolving and I love the journey.  

My primary medium currently is a mixture of acrylic paint and colored pencil on canvas and also pencil and watercolor on paper.

 Fashion Illustrations are my fancy, and I have recently had some of my fashion illustrations featured on several Instagram accounts such as Marchesa, Georgina Chapman (founder of Marchesa) and Persy fashion accounts. I sell my fashion illustrations on Etsy

Art prints and originals are available of my recent "Flights of Curiosity" collection.

I do live fashion sketching for local events in the Akron area.  

I also have a jewelry collection with Bel Kai with pendants featuring my watercolor paintings.

Feel free to contact me at taratories@gmail.com for any inquiries about commissions or collaborations, or any questions at all.