Curiosity Portraits


the Curiosity portrait

Your story without words

These heirloom paintings, created on commission, are painted specifically for individual women.  I gather photos of the individual woman and interview her to learn about her life and what makes her unique.  I then go back to my studio and find symbols and elements from my interview notes that I will then use in my preliminary sketches.  After brainstorming creative ways to combine the various imagery into elements in her fashion and throughout the painting, I begin...  

cara small.jpg

“It’s so cool because I feel like my life is a storybook, that my experiences and the details of my life are more than just subtle memories, but a vibrant part of who I am!”

-Cara Mancari

~For a look into my process of this Curiosity Portrait above, click HERE

Below is an example of another Curiosity Portrait, although this one was done without a actual portrait but still created using the same process. Click HERE to read more about this painting and to see progress photos.

IMG_5716 2.jpg

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