"The Green Man's Daughter"


"The Green Man's Daughter"


This painting is 19X25 inches in size and is painted on canvas with a mixture of acrylic paints and colored pencil. Gold leaf stars are a beautiful addition to this painting and they really sparkle in the light! This painting is inspired by a Welsh folktale called “The Green Man’s Daughter.”

I will ship this painting to you within a week after it is purchased and will come as a gallery wrapped canvas in protective shipping materials.

Feel free to email me at taratories@gmail.com before purchasing with any questions.

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This is how the folktale went...


Inspired by The Green Man of No Man's Land...

One day a man challenges Jack, a young miller, to a card game;  nothing strange in that except this man is green from top to toe.  The man bids everything he has, including his castle, and Jack wins.  The man asks for a rematch, and Jack loses.  The stranger speaks.  “I am the Green Man who lives in No Man’s Land.  If you can find my castle in a year and a day, it is yours; otherwise I will hunt you down and cut off your head.”  Jack thinks.  A year and a day is a long time and a castle should be easy to find. “A deal is a deal,” says Jack, and the Green Man is gone.

Jack sets off to look for the castle. He encounters many people on his search and no one knew of the “Green Man who lives in No Man’s Land” until he came upon a woman and an eagle who had just been with him.  He followed the eagle. The old woman told Jack that the eagle would take him to a great lake.  On the lake would be three swans.  She said to him, “hide in the rushes by the water’s edge; the birds will come to the shore and shake off their feathers.  While they are bathing, take the third swan’s feathers.  She will find you, for she is the Green Man’s daughter.  Ask her to take you to the Green Man’s castle.  No matter what she says, do as she asks you, and do not take no for an answer.”

Jack follows the eagle to the lake with three swans.  He hides in the rushes and steals the third bird’s feathers.  Two fly away, but the Green Man’s daughter finds Jack.  “Give me back my feathers’’ she says.  “Only if you carry me over the lake to your father’s castle,” he replies.  She places Jack on her back and swims across the lake to a great castle.  Jack knocks on the front door, it opens and there stands the Green Man of No Man’s Land. “You have found me, Jack? I was looking forward to chopping off your head.  You’re not a bright boy, one of my daughters has helped you, but which one?”  Jack says nothing. That will cost you five tasks, Jack.

For the fourth task, the Green Man says to Jack, “In the middle of the lake is a glass mountain.  On the peak you will find a bird who lays only one egg.  Bring me that egg.”  Youngest Daughter removes her shoe and wishes it into the shape of a boat.  He climbs into it and she sails him to the glass mountain.  She transforms into a white ladder, and tells him he must step on every rung, not to miss one.  Jack climbs and finds the egg at the top but in his eagerness, he steps over the last rung.  There is a cry of pain and the ladder changes back into the girl, but her little finger is broken.  “Don’t tell my father,” she says.  He presents the egg to the Green Man, who knows his youngest daughter has been there.

“Jack, your final task is to choose your bride.  My daughters will fly three times around the castle in the shape of swans.  Find my youngest daughter and she will be yours.”  Jack watches the swans in flight, all as white as snow, all with yellow beaks, all with orange feet, all beating their wings with a humming sound.  He notices one of them has a broken wing feather and he points.  “There is my bride.” And that is why you will see Jack walking around with his head still attached to his body.