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Swimming in a Palatial Palette

Nothing is more comforting to me than swimming in a palatial palette of color swatches.  I was like a mermaid this morning as I was helping to choose colors to use for our winter set.  We were looking for colors that are not the traditional red and green (because our church is anything but traditional).  Starting out the process of picking out colors in the hardware store can sometimes feel overwhelming, but after grabbing a ton of swatches to work from, I leave the store and lay them all out around me and start to feel less overwhelmed.  There is something comforting about an abundance of colors surrounding me that I love and are working together.  Then begins the process of elimination which gives me more peace and clarity as each color is eliminated and the final color choices are starting to shine through the waters.  Colors just make me light up inside, and when I see colors working together so perfectly I light up even more!  I think we found the perfect combination of colors to work with which is a crucial step in this set design process.  

As you can see, all the pieces are really starting to come together for this beautiful installation!