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Doodle and Be Free!!!

I have always struggled throughout my life with making it a regular habit to sketch in my sketch book.  It is hard for me to spend time sketching and doodling because I want to start on the piece that will eventually be my finished product.  My professors in art school always encouraged us to keep a sketch book and I definitely see the benefits to doing so.  

This week I have been working on some more ink sketches for Sarah Loven to add to her upcoming blog posts.  She wanted some Native American/Mexican inspired designs to incorporate onto her photographs.

I find that when I work on these illustrations for her, I feel more free and relaxed than when I am working on a final piece of art.  I tend to work in a more planned out and precise manner when I do art and sketching in this way forces me to have happy accidents and make a lot of decisions along the way.  

Although I am working in ink which is not a forgiving medium, I think my brain is fooled to think that I am doodling and therefore, causes me to relax and be free!!