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"Her Shades Flatter Your Lamps"

Today I took my boys to this HUGE antique mall in our area.  I love to stroll around and look at all the random things of the past and my boys love to go in the collectible room in the back to leaf through all the old comics they have for sale.  My little Sawyer found this old Fisher Price house that I once had as a little girl and he wouldn't part with it!  Looking at old things can be interesting in the way that they show us how much life has changed.  Although life changes, I find that people at the heart remain the same.  

I stumbled across this old magazine from 1949 that I thought was so great!  Here it is... the classic woman in her thirties finding an art form that gives her pleasure and trying to make a dime (literally) off of it.  Even though painting china is not a popular art form anymore, we humans still strive to make a living doing something we are passionate about.  I work in ceramics and glaze with my brushes in my apron and ponytail, but I am still that same girl in the picture.

Here's another one... the business woman in her blazer at the kitchen table trying to do it all with her son watching every move.  I feel like I always have an observer at my side as well. Growing up, I remember watching my mom take joy as she sat at her sewing machine making seasonal flags for gifts or to hang outside our house.  It was great to see my mother do things other than the typical mom responsibilities and to see her passionate about something.

I think todays woman, more than ever, is trying to follow her passions and make a career out of them.  Following your passions, whether through a career or not, will always be a healthy thing to do, for yourself, and for the little people in your life observing.