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Over the Ocean and Into My Living Room

Other than getting your portrait painted in Montmartre, there are countless galleries supplying numerous pieces of art done by local Parisians.  

Most of the time spent in Montmartre was spent meandering in and out of galleries on the hunt for a piece of art to take home with us.  We walked through the crowded streets weaving in and out of people.

I ascended stairs, squeezed through alleyways, and descended even more stairs on my search to find a gallery holding a piece of art that was meant to come with me.  I have never bought a piece of original art before and I thought it would be so amazing to have my first piece from Paris.  


Not only is Paris a great place to find art because of the high volume of art, it is also more inexpensive.  I am guessing this is the case because there is such a high concentration of artists living in Paris and galleries can keep the prices lower because of how much art they have accessible to them.  This is how we found our art... leafing through stacks and stacks of paintings on unframed canvases.  My goal was to find a piece that just jumped out at me where I felt an immediate connection with the piece.  I didn't want to warm up to a piece or try to like it, I wanted to fall in love at first sight.  Art is so personal as I have said before.  What I found beautiful, and what my friend found beautiful were totally different.  She loves abstract expressionism and was able to find an abstract expressionist piece of art.   I found a piece that was realistic in nature.  

This is the front of the gallery where I found my piece.  They just roll it up and send you on your way.  It was all ready for me to pack in my suitcase.  

After making its way all the way through customs, over the ocean, and into my living room, I am still in love with it like the first moment I laid eyes on it.  I love how this piece feels dark, yet warm at the same time.  I love the fact that one of the women is lighting the other woman's cigarette with an unlikely flame... flame from a candlestick.  I love the mystery behind this piece.  Where are they?  What are they all dressed up for?  Are they friends or do they even know each other?  I love a story playing out through paint and making me ask questions.

I can't wait to get this framed and on my wall.  Every time I see it I will think of its origin, and that alone will put a smile on my face!