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Drawing Without Drudgery

I love thrifting and a few years ago I picked this book up from who knows where just because I liked the name and age of the book.  It is called "Drawing Without Drudgery", written by M.C. Cuzner in 1935.  I never actually opened up the book until today and I love what was written in the foreword...  "We are going to draw because we like it- and why not?  We sing in the bath, regardless of what is being done in exclusive musical circles;  we knit irresponsible garments, completely undeterred by the displays of perfection in the shop windows- and we enjoy it all.  So let us draw and never mind what happens.  At least nobody has to hear or wear our productions.  In extreme cases nobody need even see them."

I think this is the key to drawing without drudgery.  It is drawing without worrying about who will see your drawing, what others will think of it, and how good it is compared to someone else's drawing, etc.  Draw because you love to draw or because you want to learn to draw, and leave it in your sketchbook for no one else's eyes unless you want others to see it.  So many times I let worrying about what the end result of the drawing will be that I let that squelch my creativity and inhibit me from trying anything at all.  There is freedom in letting go of what others think about your art.  You won't ever see what you can do unless you let yourself try, and fail, and try again, and maybe not fail, and try again.  Draw like you are singing in the shower, and draw without drudgery!!