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Draw the Curtains or Draw a Line

I have not felt the best lately... 'tis the season.  Being up in the night coughing has left me tired in the day, and throw a toddler along with three other children to take care of into the mix, well lets just say I need a nap.  The other day I put Sawyer down for a nap and my body was saying, "go to sleep".  As a mother, I struggle with taking a moment for myself because there is always an endless list of things that need to be done.  Naps and breaks are definitely a good thing and very needed sometimes, but there are times when I know that I could make a better use of my time.  

The other day when I was so close to laying my head on the pillow, I encouraged myself to pick up my pencil and just work a few minutes on a drawing.  I always tell myself "a few minutes" when I don't feel like working, even though it never ends up being a few minutes.  I started drawing a picture of my sister and her baby sleeping that I have wanted to capture on canvas for quite some time now and that day seemed like the perfect time to start on it.  As I was drawing, it dawned on me that instead of sleeping myself, ironically, I was drawing a sleeping mother.  I saw that I was able to muster up enough energy and drive within myself to draw a line, and what started out to be a few minutes at my easel turned into a few hours.  By the time my son woke from his nap I had the start of something beautiful and it was so fulfilling to see what I was able to accomplish during that time.  

I am learning that getting where you want to go in life comes from the little choices of how you choose to spend your little minutes.  These minutes add up to hours, add up to days, add up to years.  With the start of a new year with new goals and new energies, I am challenging myself to use the minutes that God has given me wisely.  I have a lot that I want to do with my art, and I will never get there if I don't pick up my pencil and push myself to work when I don't feel like it.  This is something that I hope everyone can challenge themselves with this year.  Here is the beginning of the piece that I was working on.  Stay tuned for the finished piece on a future blog post!!