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Summertime Sweets

This past week I did an art camp with some kids in my home and we had such a great time together creating!  The kids were to create a mixed media canvas inspired by a hot summer day accompanied by their favorite summertime sweets!  The first step in the process of this project was to create a grading backdrop with warm hues of paint.  I felt hot just looking at these canvases :)  I taught them how to blend the paints to make smooth transitions between colors which they really enjoyed trying out!

The next step for the is project was to start making the summertime sweets.  First they drew out their designs of what they wanted their canvases to look like when they were done.  Then they drew out their ice-cream cones, popsicles, and clouds, etc. onto card stock.  This summer I discovered this amazing stuff called bleeding tissue paper which created really beautiful washes of color on their paper.  


The kids covered up any parts of their paper cut outs with the bleeding tissue paper that they wanted to be in color.  Then they squirted them with water and then watched the magic happen! I loved watching their excitement as they lifted the paper off to reveal what was left behind!


After this stage we moved on to learning about zentangles and the kids zentangled ice-cream cones, popsicle sticks, clouds, and drips.  After attaching everything to the canvases, we decoupaged over the entire canvas to give a nice protective coating on everything.  Here is one example of the final product.  I just loved how they all turned out!  I love doing projects where the kids are able to try out different materials and techniques throughout multiple steps, but then are able to bring it all together in the end to form their little masterpieces.