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My brain is like a box of hangers

A couple of weeks ago I was able to be a part of a really cool art installation at our church.  We just built a new wing onto our church building which is to be used for classrooms, etc. because we have run out of space.  Our in house interior designer had the brilliant idea of using hangers to create an art piece to be hung on a wall.  

I showed up one day at the church with her and another creative mind to see what we could come up with.  The designer had already stained portions of the hangers with three different stains.  There were also some extra unfinished hangers left if we needed extras.  Her husband had graciously removed all of the hooks from the hangers which I am forever grateful.  That would have not been a very fun job.  

At first sight, I loved seeing the variety of warm stains that had been applied to the hangers, and for a moment felt overwhelmed at the idea of pulling together an idea with all of them.  When I begin any creative process, I tend to have mixed emotions.  I have the right side of my brain jumping up and down with excitement at the possibilities, and the left side telling the right side to calm down and consider the problems that are to be solved.  Order/Chaos. Timidity/Fearlessness.  My mind felt like the jumbled box of hangers that was before me with the possibility of order buried underneath.  


To begin the process we pulled out some hangers and laid them on the ground.  Sometimes instead of planning everything on paper, it's just easier to get down and dirty and figure it out as you go.  We taped out an area on the floor the size that the wall space was so we could have some parameters to work within.  We tried different variations of how to lay out the hangers, but landed on this design.  Between the three of us, the consensus was that there was more impact grouping each row of hangers in the same direction and made it simple and easy for the eye to understand.  We loved the way the hangers made an ombre affect when we arranged the hangers  going from dark to light which, again, made more of an impact visually.

One might say it was reminiscent of a chevron design, or maybe even bones? Either way, I love it!

We formed the design into what we felt like was the best composition.  I just swoon over the way it looks hung up in our church and love that we created order out of chaos.  Such a beautiful addition to our new addition :)