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Explore: Wales Residency

I woke up all refreshed after sleeping 13 hours with jet lag behind me.  The first thing I wanted to do was to get a good picture of where I was staying so in order to do that, I put on my hiking boots and grabbed my umbrella.  I walked for over an hour and filled up my camera until there was no storage left!  I wanted to capture everything I saw.  The old stone houses, churches, and shops were something out of a story book.  The stone walls are so thick that every home seemed to use the window sills for many things like holding lamps, books, picture frames, plants, cats.  One of my favorite things about growing up in England was playing hide and seek in the window sills and I love that this walk brought that fond memory to my mind.  

Almost every home had a little sign on the front with a Welsh name.  I've always thought about giving my house a name and now it is confirmed that I need to make that happen!  The name of the place I am staying is called "Maelor."  

On my walk I stopped and watched a flock of sheep eating in a grassy field and watched a creek roll under the bridge I was standing on.  I stood at the foot of the amazing trees here in the area and they reminded me of redwoods although a lot thinner.  The mossy tree trunks and ferns were everywhere.  I paused and contemplated every shade of green that I saw.  It was a crisp and quiet morning.  The only sounds I heard were the water rushing, the bleating of the sheep, and the sound of my boots hitting the ground.  What a beautiful way to start my day.  

The town of Corris

The town of Corris

After some coffee and more crumpets I decided to make my way into my studio.  I sat down and just started sketching to warm up.  Soon after I started priming canvases and doing some more sketches.  I was beginning to get in the groove.  I worked all day apart from the time when I took a break and had a fireside chat with Liz, one of the other artists staying here.  I ended up working in my studio about 12 hours from when I started and it was awesome.  Although it doesn't look like I worked all day, I made leaps and bounds with my art because for the first time I was given time to experiment and try new things.  My body is still very sore from my huge backpack and luggage so I'm calling it a day and can't wait until tomorrow!