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Residency Recap


Now that I made it back to the United States from my residency in Wales, I wanted to reflect on my time there.  Being back home is great and strange at the same time.  I am still jet lagged because only 3 days ago I was in England boarding my plane, but I am hoping to get back on schedule soon.  It is so great to be with my husband and 4 boys, but I am also missing Wales and trying to adjust to my life. This residency was an unbelievable experience and opportunity to get me out of my normal environment and into a place full of inspiration and creative freedom.  I can't wait for my next residency!  Until then...  

10 Things I will miss about Wales:

  1. The incredible nature at my fingertips in any direction 
  2. The slow pace of life in the Corris community
  3. The simple life with no distractions
  4. Being able to work on art for extended periods of time on my own schedule
  5. Being in community with other artists 
  6. Talking to people who are from different countries and learning about the world
  7. The time and space to think clearly and deeply
  8. Having a studio attached to my bedroom where I can't escape my paintings
  9. The scones with clotted cream and jam and also the welsh cakes
  10. Working on my art when inspiration comes instead of when it can fit it in my schedule

20 Realizations I had in Wales:

  1. It is confirmed that I want to be a full time working artist  
  2. I will never know what it feels like to be bored because I always have my art
  3. I was getting a little lazy in my mothering and homemaking because I was more mentally consumed with reaching my artistic goals
  4. Being authentic in my art is more important to me than making money 
  5. I love my husband and children more than anything in the world
  6. I love nature more than I thought I did
  7. There are other artists in the world who think like I do and I need to be around other artists more
  8. I have been too consumed with social media and the internet and I need to scale back
  9. It takes very little to just take care of myself without others in my life to take care of
  10. About 90% of my time at home is used to care for others
  11. It is so healthy and refreshing to take time to feel like an individual and an artist outside of being a mother and wife
  12. I love travel and adventure but I don't like figuring out public transportation or carrying heavy rucksacks
  13. There are things I still have in my brain from growing up in England that are brought to mind through experiences in Great Britain
  14. I actually do like to cook, but I was just burned out from having to cook so much at home
  15. I am very introverted when I am consumed with my art, but enjoy interactions with people outside of it
  16. I am definitely a wanderlust and want to see as much of the world as possible and make connections with people across the globe
  17. I need very little to be happy
  18. I want experiences more than material things
  19. I want to keep doing residencies to use as spring boards for my art and time for refreshment and refocus
  20. I am want to keep growing in my art and I'm excited to see where the road takes me next!