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Balloons and Cupcakes

This week, our local Anthropologie was having another workshop to create some new installations for the spring.  This is my little Sawyer standing in front of Anthropologie's storefront.  This was the first time I attempted bringing him along to one of these events and, needless to say, it was an adventure.

The materials that were used for this installation were balloons in 3 different shades of purple, twine, and dyed cupcake wrappers.  Inhaling the fresh flowers on the work table gave me visions of Spring, and the beautiful combinations of colors before my eyes gave my soul hope of seasons yet to come.  

We were instructed to tie the different sized balloons on the twine at various lengths, and then the cupcake wrappers were hot glued in between the balloons.  

There was no tying for Sawyer of course, but he found ways to keep himself occupied ;)

The result were strands of wisteria which made a greater impact when hung together.  I love how Anthropologie takes every day items and uses them in unexpected ways.  It always inspires me to take a look around me every day and imagine what alternative purposes objects could be used for.  So next time you are at a birthday party and you are eating your cupcake and holding your balloon, be reminded of the possibilities...