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Back in March I painted this "Curiosity Portrait" and someone really was drawn to the blue jay that I painted on her headpiece.  She asked me about a month later if I would create a custom painting for her that incorporated blue jays. I have always loved birds and try to always include them in my work if possible, so of course my answer was "YES!"  This was such a fun painting to do because I had so much freedom!


I knew immediately that I wanted to do something that I have been wanting to try forever... make a repeating pattern.  I enjoyed this process so much even though it was quite tedious.  I asked my client what were some of her favorite things from nature so I included some of those things into my pattern to make it more personal.  Some of the things she loved were wildflowers, bees, monarch butterflies, and wild mushrooms. It was fun to find interesting ways to combine them together. 


After I drew out the pattern, I painted an aqua wash onto my canvas as a background color.


After it dried, I began the laborious task of transferring my entire drawing that I had done onto the canvas.  I had to trace over all my lines and literally draw the entire thing all over again on top of transfer paper and It took forever!!!

It felt like Christmas when I peeled away the paper to reveal the drawing transfer!


Then began the process of planning out my color palette.  Sometimes I like to do this using colored pencils.  I like laying them all out in front of me so I can get a feeling of how the colors work together.


Then the painting began...


I have never painted the same thing over and over again to this extent and it was a little nerve wrecking worrying about messing up on them because everything needed to look alike.  Thankfully it all went well and there was no serious mess ups.  I left the blue jay who was the star of the show till last.  It really felt like that is where I wrapped up the painting up with a bow.  My concept came together for me and I liked the way the bird interrupted the sequence of pattern. 


After I finished the painting, God literally dropped a verse into my head out of nowhere as I was pondering the piece.  I said the verse to myself a few times and then realized how unbelievable the verse correlated with it!  I got chills and ran to tell my husband... I was just in awe!  I feel like God wanted speak through this painting and the thought that he chose to use my art to speak through is humbling.  

This is the verse: "Do not conform to the PATTERN of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." -Romans 12:2. 

"Nonconformist" 24X30

"Nonconformist" 24X30


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