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Aberystwyth: Wales Residency

This week I took a day trip to Aberystwyth here in Northern Wales and it was so awesome to see another area of Wales by the sea!  This was the view driving into the city.  Aberystwyth is a historic market town and holiday resort on the West coast of Wales.  It is one of four of the most Welsh-speaking counties in Wales.

I loved watching the seagulls flying through the city and looking at all of the old buildings that were still welsh but had a kind of beachy flare to them.  We walked along the beach and saw a huge old building that used to be an old hotel but is now the Old college of Aberystwyth University. I can just imagine how beautiful the light is coming through the huge windows.  There was also a beautiful old church situated behind it.

Right near the church were castle ruins.  I was so excited to see these because I had great memories as a child of running through castle ruins and climbing on the little bits and pieces still left.  I felt like a kid again as I wandered in and out of these dilapidated stone walls although I didn't climb on any this time:)


The way the light hit the landscape when the sun came out was breathtaking.  The remains cast beautiful shadows and I just wanted to stand there staring.

We ended up eating fish and chips at a food joint overlooking the water.  It was heaven sitting there and taking everything in. We watched the children chase after seagulls, ride their little bikes, and licking ice-cream cones.

There were a lot of shops in Aberystwyth including this great candy shop.  I was loving all of the different European candy that was there and Yuki was excited about the American candy section.  It was so fun explaining to her what the different candy bars were.  She was laughing at the name "Tootsie Roll" and I just loved thinking about things that are familiar to me in a different way for a moment.  She has been teaching me all of the European words that I don't know and for a minute I was able to do the teaching and telling someone what a Moon Pie was felt kind of fun!


After doing a bit of shopping we went to the Art College in town and had a tour.  Veronica is the woman who owns and runs Maelor and she is also getting her PhD there in Aberystwyth.  She took us all through the building and in and out of classrooms.  I just loved this beautiful school with all of its character and charm.  It kind of made me want to be an art student again!  It was a great day exploring the city and I would love to go back again someday!