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Evolution Revolution

Every year, the Evolution Revolution blog by Lisa Graystone has has a gift guide which is just fabulous!  I always enjoy reading her biog year round, and also her gift guide during the holidays.  I was so touched to see that I was featured in there this year.  Take a minute to read her gift guide and also check out her Etsy shop where she sells beautiful vintage women's clothing!  Featured below are some Frida Kahlo socks that she featured which I must have in my life! To check out John's Crazy Socks click HERE


Winter Wreaths

When I first started brainstorming what I wanted to make to sell for Christmas, I pondered what I would want in my own home.  

First, I knew that I would want something small to put on my mantel or to add to my collage wall.  That's why I went with the smaller 9X9 inch size.  

Second, I would want something that has a natural and muted feel to it.  I wanted texture and a washiness to the painting. This is why I chose to use my mixed media technique of ink and colored pencil on these paintings.

Third, I knew that I would want something that I would be able to display not just during Christmastime, but all winter long.  This is why I went with gold accents on the wreath instead of red.  I also made this painting very neutral from the gray background to the white letter.

Fourth, I wanted it to be personal and custom to our family.  That is why I am painting a custom letter inside each wreath.  


These make great gifts at the affordable price of $25!  Purchase one HERE today!


That'swan fine swan: Anthropologie window finished

My husband and I started our Christmas shopping a couple days ago, and of course, our first stop was Anthropologie, at my request.  Greeting us was the beautiful holiday window display that was just in the beginning stages a few months ago.  I had a blog post in October about helping work on this display which included two of these photos.  At that stage it was a swan with no wings, and cardboard cut out leaf shapes that we painted in shades of green.

I thought everyone would enjoy seeing how it all came together!  I love all of the texture on the wreath that was created with the leaves and all the other additions.  The swan looks like he's about to take flight right out of the window!  This art installation creates a warm, yet wintery, vibe and gives the passersby a lot of details to soak in.  The simplicity of the white swan focal point balances out the variety of colors and textures going on in the wreath.  Also, take note of the styling of the mannequins... PERFECTION.  The shirt closest to the wreath tells the woman looking in the window, "you can BE this beautiful swan, just step inside these doors!"  And I did.  Well done Anthropologie.  

Ready for Christmas

While I was gone in France there was so much that happened at our church in the set design world and also with getting the building ready for Christmas.  I was able to help this weekend with these sleek, modern wreaths that were made out of cardboard rolls and ornaments.  There were also some branches that had been painted in an ombre fashion and used around inside and outside the building which I am in love with!  The snowflake installations finally all came together and they look awesome.  It is so great to see the end results of all the planning, dreaming, and teamwork!