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Detours: Wales Residency

Yesterday morning I woke up and decided to do something a little different.  Instead of spending time in the studio painting indoors I thought it would be cool to take my paints outside.  First I went to a stream nearby and decided I was going to sit on a slate boulder and paint the stream and the sheep in the field behind it, but I noticed a dripping coming out of my bag...

I opened my bag that was carrying my palette and found that my acrylics that were in there had been running down the palette and out of the bag.  I had no choice but to wash the bag out in the stream.  I went back to the house to drop off the wet bag and decided to try round two without my acrylics, only my palette.

My thought was I wanted to find the scary forest that I walked through with Yuki last week.  I wanted to go in the forest by myself and conquer my fears.  I hiked for about an hour and realized that I went the wrong way.  I talked to a man on the side of the street and he directed me to the right path to get there.  Meanwhile I was carrying all of my supplies and my arms were starting to feel tired.  

When I finally arrived at the opening of the forest where the Italian sculpture garden was, I stood there and tried to decide wether I was going to be brave enough to go in.  I heard noises and it was something out of a horror film and I just couldn't do it.  So I decided I would just paint the Italian sculptures.  When I went to sit down there was a big pile of dog poo and I figured that was a sign to just leave.  

I walked back into town and thought I would just sit somewhere on my street and paint the buildings.  I planted myself on a bench outside of the Corris Institute which is like a community art center here in Corris.  One of the workers came out to see what I was drawing and she wanted to give me a tour of the building.  Inside there was a little cafe, a post office, and the most beautiful woodwork!  The post office was unlike any I'd ever seen before.  They also sold local jams, eggs, and used movies there which I thought was a very cute small town thing to do!    

She showed me these photos on the wall from a long time ago to show me what Corris used to look like.


This one is right outside of the Corris Institute where I was sitting.

I ended up drawing a little but talking a lot to the locals and some visitors to the area.  People wanted to come and see what I was working on.  After I went back home I realized that I didn't even pack my watercolor paints!!  I had done all the hiking and everything without any paints.  All I should have had with me was paper and a pencil since that was the case!

I decided to venture out in the evening and take a bus to Machynlleth to browse some of the shops and pick up a few more groceries.  I had fun going in and out of shops and stopped at this bookstore that had all hunting and fishing books.  Everywhere I turned in there I thought of my husband and how i wished he was here with me fishing for trout at the local streams while I painted along side him, or rather washed out a bag, or drew on paper with no paints haha!