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Discussions: Wales Residency

A few things we have discussed while here.  along with some of our opinions.  These may be up for debate!

What make art good? 

Liz said something that I think was a really cool answer.  She said, "It is good art if you see it and later can't stop thinking about it.  You may not even like it."

What can we do after art school outside of the classroom to keep learning and growing?

Go to art exhibits by long standing artist in museums.  Attend workshops, lectures, or life drawing sessions, etc.

What makes an artist professional?  

Yuki was wondering if you have to be living solely off of the money that you make from your art.  We all agree that that is not the truth because most artists never are able to live solely off of their work, but if we strive to live solely off our work and do art as our career then we are considered professionals.  

Is it true art if the artist hires others to do their work for them?

It was interesting to hear about a job that Yuki previously had where she worked on another artist's art.  She and many others would airbrush oil paint over the large canvas in sections until it was completed.  I don't know how I feel about this one.  Is it just the idea behind the art or the actual implementing that makes it the art come from the artist? What do you think?



Here are my two fellow resident artists here at Maelor in Wales.  Liz on the left is standing by her large canvas, and Yuki on the right is next to her smaller circular flower prints.  We have had such a great time having art related discussions since we have been together during my stay. Liz leaves tomorrow and 2 new artists are arriving tomorrow to stay.