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Austin Book Signing Event

Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to Austin, Texas to join my dear friend, Jess Archer, at her first book signing event.  She wrote a book and I designed the cover which has been such a fun collaboration!

After she picked me up from the airport, our first stop was Regents School of Austin.  She was scheduled to do a book talk with the high school book club that day.  It was so great to hear her talk about her book and learn about what goes into the writing and publishing process.  Jess really emphasized that writing a book is not as glamorous as they might think, and that the writing process is to be done in private if you want to be true to your personal voice.  They were very enlightened and had a lot of good questions for her.

The books were available for purchase at the book talk as well.  I just love her set up with the vintage briefcase and cake stand!

The night we had been waiting for on March 4th had arrived and we set up a cozy nook in the local Austin Stauthaus Coffee Pub.  The turn out was more than amazing. There was a constant stream of people the whole night and she sold over 100 books within a few hours!  

It was such an honor to be a part of this event with her and I was so proud of Jess and all that she did to get to this point!  A memory that I will never forget!

I have read the book, and I just LOVED it!!  To get your copy, click HERE (and type Jess Archer in the search bar) or order one through Amazon.  To read more about Jess Archer, go to www.writerjessarcher.com