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See the Brush Strokes

This photo was taken 16 years ago at the Louvre on my honeymoon in Paris.  I remember being in awe of seeing original paintings done by all the masters.  There is nothing like seeing art in person.  It is a totally different experience that you get when you see it in real life, than when looking at it in a book or photograph.  I remember being so shocked to see how small the Mona Lisa was in real life compared to what I imagined it to be, and was surprised to see that Monet's water lilies filled an entire room.  I feel like viewing art in a gallery is becoming a thing of the past. We are living in a time where information is available in our pockets and we don't feel the urgency to get out there and see art with our own eyes!  I want to work hard to always make sure I take time to get up close to art and beauty, and see the brush strokes.