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Let the Rain Reign

This past year I painted one of my sisters cradling her baby.  I have been wanting to paint my other sister as well and this week I decided to finally make that happen.  I used a photo of her face to use for reference.  Here are the beginning lines with the placement of her features and some art nouveau inspired designs circling around her.

Here is the first layer of paint and pencil on her face where I established the highlights and shadows.  One of my sons told me that it looked like she had sunblock on, and I agreed!  

She started looking more realistic after I added more layers of paint and pencil over her skin.  I gave her some highlighted hair and a flower as a focal point. 

Here is the first splash of color...

more color...

The left corner needed something and I decided this little guy would balance out the composition perfectly.  

I felt like this piece needed more texture and I found myself using paint that I had just used on my bird to add another layer to this piece.  I say "I found myself" because it happened so fast I didn't have time to discuss with myself if it would be a good idea or not.  I make a lot of calculated decisions in my art, but the most invigorating moments are the ones that I don't plan.  The decisions that are on a whim, that come from a feeling, that are a risk.  Sometimes it doesn't work out, but if it does it usually is my favorite part.  These spontaneous gestures may help me to find a new technique or find myself. They teach me to let go and lean on my creative intuition.  This week it rained on my canvas and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  Take cover my friends and let the rain reign.

Give it Away

Last month I helped out with a painting class for children involved in our church's Power Kids youth program.  They were to paint canvases that were inspired by different kid's programs and graphics associated with our church.  


Our main philosophy in our church is "Know it, Live it, and Give it Away".  This means we want people to know the story of Jesus, live it out in community together, and give the story of Jesus away to our world.  

My son Killian was a part of this class and decided to incorporate this theme into his art and I just love what he came up with!  

It gave me such joy watching his ideas stirring up in his face as he squirted his paints on his plate. I LOVE watching kids' ideas unfold as they express themselves in ways I would have never thought of!  

I thought it was so creative to use the "Power Kids" symbol for the nose and eyes:-)  

These kids were "giving it away" with their time and creativity as they helped serve the church by providing beautiful artwork to dot the walls of our buildings.  

I couldn't help myself from making one myself (center canvas here) and it was so much fun!


All of the canvases came together to make a beautiful statement on these walls and I love how there is such unity because of the repeating color palette.  This was a great way to show kids how using their talents can be used to encourage other people and it can be fun to "give it away"!