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Little Luv Bugs

Recently I had the pleasure of doing a pair of commissioned portraits for someone of her two daughters.  The person that had me do the portraits is the photographer of Luv Bug Photography .  What a gift it was to have gorgeous photos to work with!  The reason I changed the flowers on this photo was to coordinate with a family picture of theirs.  


The reason I changed the flowers on this photo was to coordinate with a family picture of theirs.  Here is a look into the different stages that this painting went through...


The second photo was just as dreamy as the first and really portrayed the true essence of childhood. 

I contemplated how I was going to paint her straw hat, and keeping the color of the canvas as the main color was my solution. I just added the shadows and highlights to it with paint and pencil.

I had a variety of ideas of how I was going to incorporate designs into this one, but I just felt that any designs added was going to take away from all that was going on.  I decided to just add some gold dots on some of the leaves to give the painting a little extra something and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Sometimes less is more.  


I had the pleasure of hand delivering these little 10X10 paintings to my client on her birthday! I felt so honored that she chose paintings from me as her birthday present to herself.  Please feel free to contact me through my website or email me at taratories@gmail.com if you are interested in a custom portrait for you or someone else.  

Make a Bid and Make a Better World

In October of last year, my friend Lisa Graystone of Evolution Vintage had featured me on her blog called Evolution Revolution (which you can read here at www.evolutionvtgblogspot.com ) . It is my turn to feature her! If you follow Lisa (@evolutionvtg) on Instagram you will quickly see how much she 1. Loves fashion. 2. Loves her son Blake and 3. Is an amazing Down Syndrome mom and advocate.  She is such an inspiration to me in the way that she speaks up for the Down Syndrome community.  She is also involved with The National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) which is a human right's organization who support people with Down Syndrome and their families. They have been this nation's advocate for people with Down Syndrome since 1979. According to www.ndss.com "The National Down Syndrome Society envisions a world in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, realize their life aspirations and become valued members of welcoming communities". They educate the public, support families with resources and fight in Washington for laws that help protect and enhance the lives of people with Down Syndrome.

Lisa says, "I became affiliated with the National Down Syndrome Society after I write my first blog for Tori Spellings website emag EdiTORIal (READ IT HERE: http://torispelling.com/2011/10/down-but-not-out/). I have since written 4 pieces you can read on tori's blog. The amazing staff at NDSS reached out to me to introduce themselves after reading the first post and offered any support we needed. After feeling so alone following Blake's at birth diagnosis, the outreach from this organization meant everything.  I will be forever grateful for the NDSS for this and all that they do to assist this community. Blake and I were part of an instant community of people who were eager to guide, answer questions and even just listen.  Being the person I am I immediately wanted to help the community at large and start advocacy work of my own and education."

There will be a gala held on March 10th where there will be auction items and donations given towards NDSS.  This is Lisa's 4th year being a part of the NDSS gala/auction committee since Blake was born and I, myself, am so excited to also be able to help this year be a little part of this awesome cause by my donation of a CUSTOM PORTRAIT.  

According to Lisa, "being a parent is a difficult task and being a parent of a person with extra needs is an exceptional task. It is full of work and struggle, but equally full of rewards!  I dream of a world where my son is seen as the person he is and not for his label of 'Down Syndrome' or 'disability'.  I  consider myself an ABILITY parent, I choose to focus on his abilities and support his challenges. The truth is we all have 'challenges' or issues, things we are better at and items in life for which we struggle. People with Down Syndrome are the same way. They have hopes, dreams, ambitions, likes, dislikes, challenges, strengths and a lot of VALUE. We advocate and educate so people see the ability first and are able to celebrate differences instead of fear or judge them." I just think that is such a beautiful viewpoint and I am challenged and inspired to choose to look at all people this way!

Supporting the NDSS auction through bidding online Feb 29-March 10 will help NDSS continue to educate and advocate for this incredible community. TO BID on this CUSTOM PORTRAIT or bid on a variety of other awesome goods, services, or experiences, GO TOhttp://ibidmobile.net/ndss/auction/ .  You can also make a donation to the organization of any kind :  http://www.ndss.org/Ways-to-Give/ 








Let the Rain Reign

This past year I painted one of my sisters cradling her baby.  I have been wanting to paint my other sister as well and this week I decided to finally make that happen.  I used a photo of her face to use for reference.  Here are the beginning lines with the placement of her features and some art nouveau inspired designs circling around her.

Here is the first layer of paint and pencil on her face where I established the highlights and shadows.  One of my sons told me that it looked like she had sunblock on, and I agreed!  

She started looking more realistic after I added more layers of paint and pencil over her skin.  I gave her some highlighted hair and a flower as a focal point. 

Here is the first splash of color...

more color...

The left corner needed something and I decided this little guy would balance out the composition perfectly.  

I felt like this piece needed more texture and I found myself using paint that I had just used on my bird to add another layer to this piece.  I say "I found myself" because it happened so fast I didn't have time to discuss with myself if it would be a good idea or not.  I make a lot of calculated decisions in my art, but the most invigorating moments are the ones that I don't plan.  The decisions that are on a whim, that come from a feeling, that are a risk.  Sometimes it doesn't work out, but if it does it usually is my favorite part.  These spontaneous gestures may help me to find a new technique or find myself. They teach me to let go and lean on my creative intuition.  This week it rained on my canvas and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  Take cover my friends and let the rain reign.