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Lovely: Wales Residency

Today I went to Machynlleth today and went into a few shops. An art supplies shop, flower shop, and grocery store. I just love all of the quaint buildings here.  I love the age of everything in Europe.  I feel like there is an authenticity in the way the buildings are.  There is no trying to be anything they are not, they just are. And they are just LOVELY.  Lovely is a word I don't use often anymore like I did when I was a kid but I find myself wanting to use the word more while I am here.  Today while we were out I was talking about a time to meet up and my English accent slipped out!!!  I couldn't believe it was surfacing already and it has only been 5 days since I arrived.  It caught me by surprise and made us all laugh!

This afternoon was studio time and I was doing more researching on folklore and did a lot of drawing my mock up for my next painting.  I am enjoying taking time and putting thought into each piece and I am finding that visualizing these tales have brought me so much joy!  It is fun to be inspired by where I am and feels like a natural thing to be painting.

Yuki and I took a great walk this evening and the sunset was just gorgeous and the photos don't do it justice.  


After our walk we stopped at "Slater's Arms" next door and had fun people watching.  There were people eating bowls of stew while the pub dog sat at their feet waiting for scraps.  People chatting by the fireplace, a young girl making a tower out of coasters, and some others playing pool.  I ended the day with more studio time.  Man, this is the life. It's so lovely...