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Dancing at Dawn

This past week I was able to work on a fashion illustration of a beautiful couple.  This was a commissioned piece for someone who gave this to them for their wedding shower. The person who commissioned this from me showed me some different photos that I could work from and this one grabbed my eye immediately.  It was full of love and light, and I knew this was the one that I wanted to use as reference.


The sunlight peeking through the trees in the background inspired me to make the circular design behind her into a watercolor sun.  I also added some watercolor grass to ground them, tie them together, and add some more color. Of course, I added touches of gold to it which is always my favorite part. I think this was such a unique and thoughtful gift to give this couple and I love that they will have a piece of art commemorating the beginning of their lives together.  

To commission a custom fashion illustration, email me at taratories@gmail.com and we can start the conversation!

"Dancing at Dawn" 8X10

"Dancing at Dawn" 8X10

Custom Fashion Illustration

Recently, I did a fashion illustration for a mother to give to her 16 year old daughter for her 16th birthday.  I thought that was such a thoughtful idea and so special!  The mother said that the fashion illustration brought tears to her eyes when she opened it, which totally made my day!

2017-09-06 12.12.48.jpg

All you need to have a fashion illustration done is a photo that you can email me, and just leave the rest up to me!  If you have any specific requests you can let me know and I would be happy to work with you.  Email me with any questions you may have at taratories@gmail.com or order yours today HERE!

Pearcy fashion sketch.jpg

Fashion Illustration Competition

Since my last blog post, I have had the wonderful opportunity to take a seat in an illustration competition with Persy Bridal.  Contestants were to submit a fashion illustration featuring one of their bridal gowns.  21 artists were chosen from the submissions to be a part of the competition.  I was so excited to find that my illustration was picked to be a part of this competition!  The winner gets an amazing prize of collaboration with Persy bridal launching their new 2017 collection!  It would be such an awesome opportunity for me!  

"PERSY's designs have received critical acclaim from leading luxury department stores and high caliber media. It has caught the eyes of major international buyers, important Fashion Editors and Magazines worldwide; VOGUE ACCESSORIES, VOGUE Worldwide, ELLE, GRAZIE, COLLEZIONI, GLAMOUR. And was worn by A-list Celebrities such as Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J."- www.persy.co.uk


Here is where YOU come in.  The artist with the most votes wins!  All you need to do is go to the  @persy_fashion page and find this picture below.  Write #21 in the comments and that is it, OR just click HERE and it will take you right there and just comment #21!  I would be so appreciative if you would help me win this, thank you so much!  The winner will be announce this Sunday, January 8th!  

Persy Bridal Fashion Illustration

Last week I worked on a new fashion illustration and, to my surprise, I woke up this morning to seeing my illustration featured on the Persy Fashion instagram page as well as the Persy Couture Facebook page!  What an honor!

I chose to illustrate Persy's Lily wedding gown which I decided was my favorite wedding gown of theirs. I find that it is a lot easier for me to draw something I really love so that I can put my best creative foot forward.  I love everything about this dress. The cool collar, the layers of ruffles, the asymmetry of the the ruffles, the way the ruffles become longer towards the bottom, and the lace details.

I always start with the face and work my way down.  Doing a sketchy first layer before I add more detail, etc.

Once I finish the sketch, I go over areas that I feel need darker shading and more contrast, and help the form become more 3 dimensional in appearance.

Before I added the watercolor in the background, I added some masking fluid which keeps areas of the paper white.  The lines of the ruffles reminded me of the lines of string lights so that is what I used to inspire the background.

I then used a couple different shades of blue in the background to give it the feeling of sky and washed over all of the masking fluid once it dried.

Then for my favorite part, the masking fluid removal.  This part is so much fun and I really enjoy the white being revealed and it all coming together.  

I decided to add some gold paint on some of the lights...

and I felt like the background needed some subtle touches of black to tie in with the black areas in her dress so I added some string light silhouettes with my black ink pen.  I'm really happy with the finished product!  She is now up for sale on my Etsy shop so she can be yours today! 

A Marchesa Moment

Back in April I decided to give fashion illustration a whirl.  I started with a couple looks from Marchesa.  The first one pictured below is from the Marchesa Spring Summer 2016 collection.  

This next look is from the Marchesa Fall Winter 2016 collection. 


This week Georgina Chapman Marchesa, founder of Marchesa, posted one of my illustrations on her personal Instagram page.  Then, last night, to my surprise, 3 photos of my illustrations were posted on the official Marchesa Instagram page! To have the designer of the dresses I was drawing recognize my work in this way was surreal and quite an honor!  I was so touched that they appreciated my art just as much as I have appreciated their art!  Their gowns are so inspired and artfully crafted, I just want them all.  

Prints of these two prints are now available for purchase on my Etsy page!  I am so excited to get them in homes all across America so that everyone can enjoy a Marchesa gown.  If you can't own one for your body, at least hang one on your wall!  Prints can be purchased HERE.