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Fashion Sketching in Guatemala

My son and I just got back from a week long missions trip to Guatemala where we worked with some schools in Peronia and La Tinta.  It was such an amazing trip and I loved being able to serve in the schools alongside my son!  I brought my paper and watercolors to Guatemala and was hoping for an opportunity to use them while I was there.  During the school hours, there were many of the moms of the children hanging around and I asked them if I could paint them. Most of them have probably never seen a photograph of themselves before, let alone have someone paint a picture of them.  


They all wore the most beautiful clothing and had such gorgeous skin tones which made it extra fun for me to paint them!  

They were so excited to receive a fashion sketch of themselves and it was such a joy for me to give the sketches to them.  These women work so hard and I felt such a burden for them.  They give everything to their families and I felt honored to be able to give them a little treat like this.

During recess the kids started coming over to see what I was doing and boy did I have a crowd!  They loved watching me work and seemed fascinated by the whole thing.  I painted one after another as fast as I could go!  They were all lined up begging to get one!  

I loved being able to show them art in action like this and was really hoping to inspire these kids to want to explore the world of art. I hope I did! Even though I was trying to inspire others, I, myself, was inspired through this experience to find more ways to serve and bless others through my art.