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Wall Hanging Finished!

This week we finished painting our pixelated wall hanging and stapling it all together (with my little Sawyer's help, of course) and I was so anxious to see it all put together and hung up.

I LOVE how sculptural it looks hung on the wall and the way the colors work together.  The  texture of the coffee filters peeking through the paint really adds a lot, and I really enjoy the earthy quality of it.  Community art projects are the best because you get to enjoy making art alongside people!

Pixelated Painted Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is done by an African artist named El Anatsui.  He makes enormous curtains made of small metal bottle wrappers which are put together by people him and people in his community.  His work was an inspiration for a piece of art that we are constructing to hang in our local church.  Last night was the first night that we started creating this piece together.

We are using coffee filters that are opened up and then stapled together.


We then painted the coffee filters lightly to reveal the texture beneath the paint.  The wall hanging is based off a painting that we liked.  It is going to be a more pixelated version of our inspiration painting. 

This is the beginning of it laid out on the floor.  I love the way it is beginning to take shape and I can't wait to see the finished piece when it is completed!