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Ready for Christmas

While I was gone in France there was so much that happened at our church in the set design world and also with getting the building ready for Christmas.  I was able to help this weekend with these sleek, modern wreaths that were made out of cardboard rolls and ornaments.  There were also some branches that had been painted in an ombre fashion and used around inside and outside the building which I am in love with!  The snowflake installations finally all came together and they look awesome.  It is so great to see the end results of all the planning, dreaming, and teamwork!

From Lines to Lumber

This weekend we met with some carpenters that will be helping us to build our winter set.  I was there to give them some artistic direction by relaying our design plans to them so they knew exactly what we were planning on executing in this set.  This group of carpenters instantly caught on to our vision and began discussing with each other the best way to build the snowflake diamonds and support them on stage.  I love seeing other people do what they do best, and I love seeing the design process step into the next phase which is seeing the design turn into reality!

No longer is it a drawing or idea, but a real, tangible thing... pieces of wood...

stacks of (free!) lumber...

and random paper products from Walmart!  We chose some materials to experiment with that thought we could manipulate and use to fill in our diamonds.


I was cutting, folding, and bending to make design elements to create texture, pattern, and color that could potentially be used inside the diamonds.

The key is to create texture and shadows that can be seen from far away.  There could be endless ways to manipulate these materials to create different effects.  It will be fun to see what others will come up with!

Winter Set Design Plans

This morning our set design team met for a third brainstorming meeting to get some concrete ideas together for our winter set.  The brainstorming process is, by far, one of my favorite parts of the entire process.  At our previous meetings, our team began by discussing the mood that we want to convey in the service for that particular series.  We gather some words to express what we want our set to convey, and for this particular set we found the words crisp, cool, comforting, and exciting to be best suited for this set.  We decided to steer away from the set being organic in nature, and go with more geometric lines.  All of this was decided before this morning's meeting so we were already heading in a specific direction, but we still hadn't narrowed down what the set would look like yet.  I brought some geometric shapes with me that I had from home that I thought we could play with during the meeting and find inspiration from... 


Our set design team has Pinterest boards for each set where we collect inspirational images to use as spring boards for our set designs.  This morning we all agreed that this image was just the look and feel we were going for.  We love the warm nature of the wood and the abstract nature of the snowflake.  We are going to add color to these "snowflakes" with paint and other materials which we will add to the inside of some of the diamonds.  One of our team members had the genius idea of giving each of the small groups (life groups) in our church the option to be a part of this set!  We will give them each a diamond that they can fill with various materials and work as a group to complete it.  This week I am going to be compiling a list of optional materials and colors that the groups can use inside of their diamonds.

This set is going to be a LOT of cutting, and a LOT of work!  When you are talking about doing something like this large scale, AND on two other stages, there is so much to think about and plan.  We have to figure out designs for the stages and get those designs into drawings on the computer to help us with measurements.  Then it is gathering all the materials, organizing the life groups that will be participating in this set, prefabricating the modular sections that will be installed, and installing everything, etc. 

We alway try to make the winter set something extraordinary due to the fact that it is will be experienced by so many people during a time that is so special to our church family.  I think this is going to be a set that people who step into our doors will never forget!