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To Each His Own

I am enjoying these last days of summer with my boys.  I love watching each of them express themselves creatively in their own individual ways.

Killian is my little Van Gogh.  When he was done painting his sunflowers he told me that the sunflowers represented he and I, and that we will always be a part of each others lives forever. I thought that was pretty deep for a 9 year old.  And of course, Sawyer was observing his big brother and learning by example.

Sully enjoys climbing trees and everything he can, and although this may not seem creative, I think it is.  There is something beautiful about being surrounded by tree limbs that create a canopy all around.  I know his imagination was stirring in there in his beautiful world all of his own.

Finn brings his little bag filled with his action figures, lego guys, and his camera with him wherever he goes.  He is always ready to take creative shots of them in various environments and through his photographs his personality really shines through.  I sure love my boys.