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Seasonal Symbiosis

A few months ago, our set crew started dreaming up our next set.  We design a new set for our church stage for each season.  Over the winter we had these amazing snowflakes constructed out of wood, and for our next one we were determined to find a way to recycle these wooden diamonds.  We came up with the idea of making the diamonds into stems and leaves forming the base of flowers, which was an appropriate design for spring.  (The person speaking here is my husband ;) )

We started playing around with materials to construct these flowers and tried out lighting parts of them in the prop room to test out how they might look.  We decided to add PVC pipe pieces that would hang behind the flowers in the background to fill in the space and add movement and interest to the back of the stage.  

I did a blog post about the construction of these flower tops back in February because they were such a unique element of this set.  The three elements of the wood, wire mesh, and PVC pipes, although very different kinds of materials, all came together to make a very cohesive and exciting stage!  

I just love the way that the pipes light up, especially against the black background.  This was our first attempt at covering the entire width of the stage with a black curtain to use for a backdrop and the results were stunning!  The black really made everything pop in dramatic high definition and really helped to transform the stage.  I think this set has such an exciting, contemporary, striking look and I just love the way it all came together!