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"Flights of Curiosity"

I am so excited to finally reveal the paintings that I did in Wales!  I have a new web page dedicated to the new collection called "Flights of Curiosity" found at http://www.taradeetscreek.com/new-page-1/ .  On this page you can see my art and read the stories that were behind the paintings.  I still have originals for sale and you can also order prints!  Please contact me at taratories@gmail.com if you are interested in prices of originals or prints or if you have any questions about the work at all.  If you are local to the Akron area, my paintings will be on display at Revival (822 W Market Street, Akron, Oh 44303) through the month of December.  Here is one of my paintings entitled "In Her Mind's Eye".  Go to my new web page to see the whole collection!

Fears and Fairies: Wales Residency

This week I thought I would try again to conquer my fears and take a walk through the scary forest.  Along the way I said hello to this sweet kitty on the stone wall.

The wind wasn't blowing which meant the trees weren't swaying and creaking this time which made it seem less scary. Even though I was nervous I took a deep breath and started to walk down the dark tunnel of trees.

As I walked through I realized that I was being silly and that I had nothing to worry about.  I enjoyed the perfect rows of trees and mossy stones along the path once again. This time I discovered an amazing mossy waterfall with a mossy tree going out of the side of it.

I sat down at the overlook and noticed some bugs flying around me.  I don't know if is the welsh folklore I have been reading, or the magical toadstools I've seen, or the storybook forests that have been getting to my head, but I felt like these bugs were fairies.  I was looking at them and thinking that they really could be fairies...

I am incorporating some fairies in one of my paintings and I saw this photo on the left on the internet captured by someone in England in his garden.  I don't know if it is legit, but I took a photo of the bugs that were hanging out with me and I felt like there was a kind of similarity.  I know you probably think I am crazy, but there are moments where I feel like I do believe in fairies.  If you were in Wales you would too :)  

My last stop was hanging out with the sheep who I love so much. This sheep was all about getting a selfie with me!  I really want Santa to bring me a lamb for Christmas haha!  I am so glad I conquered my fears because it ended up to be a beautiful adventure full of mossy waterfalls, ruins, an overlook with fairies, and selfies with sheep.  

Here are some detail shots of another painting I am working on.  Lots of greens in this one like the green landscape here in Wales.  There are mossy greens for days here...

These are photos from another walk I went on this week. I just loved the soft texture of the grasses and moss all along this path through the trees.

And I love this interesting character I encountered.  Every walk here is a different kind of adventure with its own kind of personality.  I love it and I am going to miss all of it when I leave this place.