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You Can't Judge an Artist by Its Cover

Here is a photo from my retreat with my portrait hanging out in the corner and my friend's sewing machine in the foreground.  She was working on a quilt for her daughter with some darling fabrics that were all designed by one particular artist.

Here was the beginning of her quilt that she was in the process of making during our weekend away.  I loved all of the different colors and designs that came together to make a cohesive assemblage of fabrics.  The little characters and motifs that were featured on the designs were perfectly suited for a little girl.  I can just imagine her snuggled up with her quilt letting her imagination run as she gazes at all of the little woodland creatures and sweet little girls that seem to be going on lots of adventures.

This new textile collection is called "Acorn Trails" by Teagan White featuring many forest themed designs.  Here are some close ups of some of her designs...


Now is this what you expected Teagan to look like? Neither did I!  Why does her appearance surprise you?  Just like we tend to judge books by their covers, we also tend to have preconceived ideas about the artist's appearance based on their art!  The sweet innocence of these little girls and woodland creatures do not have the edgy modern feel that Teagan has.


Art can be an insight to the artist's soul, so maybe Teagan's exterior does not reflect what is inside her, or maybe it does?  One may never know.  Teagan is just one example of this, but there are many artists that produce art that is unexpected.  It makes me wonder,"what are people's preconceived ideas about my appearance based on my art?" and also, "what does my art say about my soul"?   

You can get to know Teagan White more at http://teaganwhite.tumblr.com