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Spring Cleaning Flash Sale

I have been doing a little bit of spring cleaning in my studio and recently went through some old portfolios.  I decided that instead of leaving them trapped in a dark portfolio, I would release them into the world into the light where others can enjoy them!  There are 19 works available.  

This is how it works...

1. Go to my Facebook page by clicking HERE

2. Every piece of art is numbered so message me with the number of the art that you are interested in and what you would like to offer for it!  

3.  Once we have come to an agreement on price, you will pay me over Pay Pal and I will mark it as sold and get it to you!  

4. Share this blog post on social media, or share my Facebook post on your page, if you want to help an artist out;)

This sale ends this Sunday, June 4th. Thank you!!